Editors & consultants

Cofactor is run by Anna Sharman together with a network of over 50 highly experienced freelance editors. As well as having their own scientific and editorial expertise, editors are trained by Cofactor to understand what journals want in a research paper.

When your paper is checked or edited by a Cofactor editor, you will be getting the expertise of someone with subject knowledge and experience at working with journal papers. Many of our editors have a PhD. 

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Subjects our editors cover

Biology (whole organism and molecular)

Medicine (experimental and clinical)

Geology and environmental sciences

Physics and chemistry

Applied mathematics and statistics

Other STEM subjects (ask us first)

About the founder

Anna Sharman is highly qualified to advise you about publishing your research. She has:

Call for freelance editors

Cofactor currently has most of the editors we need, but we still welcome new scientific editors with specific skills and qualifications. Please get in touch if you are a freelance editor and have both of the following:


A least a year’s regular experience of editing scientific, medical or technical research papers before submission to journals.

A PhD in a scientific subject (or equivalent eg in medicine).