Our values

Cofactor strives to be as ethical a company as possible.

We respect people equally:

  • We respect everyone regardless of irrelevant factors
  • We do not discriminate based on  gender, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, native language, level of English ability, disability or academic title
  • We expect to be respected when carrying out Cofactor work
  • We ensure training rooms are comfortable and that refreshments and breaks are provided

We believe science should serve society:

  • We encourage scientists to practice open science and publish their research open access
  • We encourage the publication of all outputs of research to prevent publication bias
  • We help scientists with their careers by helping them publish their work as effectively as possible

We minimise the negative environmental impact of our activities:

  • We use lower-impact travel options when possible (train rather than air, and bicycle/bus/train rather than car)
  • We provide most training handouts electronically
  • We recycle and reuse paper and other materials