A selection of the praise that Cofactor has received from clients for editing and workshops


Anna Sharman edited several of my manuscripts. I am delighted with her substantiated and sound feedback not only to grammar but also to content. Her work improved our manuscripts significantly.

Researcher at 
Fachhochschule Stralsund, Germany

Very pleased with the editing that Anna and her colleagues have done with my manuscripts. They worked fast and were able to understand and maintain the idea that I wanted to transmit. They also helped me to adapt the manuscripts to the journal requirement and contributed with very positive suggestions to increase the chances of publications. They clearly know their job.

Researcher at Hammersmith Hospital, UK

As you were interested in editorial services I would like to introduce you to Anna Sharman. She has done my edits in the past and has set up a professional editorial service (Cofactor Ltd.) The interaction with her new platform has been excellent. I can’t praise her enough.


Quick efficient service, but most importantly very knowledgable and helpful comments on the scientific ideas being proposed. I will definitely recommend these service to others.

Researchers at the
University of Cambridge, UK



I have gained a lot of new knowledge about the journal submission process/review etc, about how to choose journals and what to write in abstracts/papers.

Participant in ‘Getting published in journals’
Open University, UK

It covered a lot of aspects regarding research papers and issues that I hadn’t previously considered such as copyright.

Participant in ‘Writing and publishing a research paper’
University of Cambridge, UK

The course was excellent and very well-delivered. There was a real sense of professionalism – it would be difficult to improve on this course.

Nice to have a professional with an in-depth industry knowledge offer training and advice.

I think this course will make you a better researcher and not just help you get published.

Participants in ‘Writing for publication’
King’s College London, UK

Very informative, full of practices and take home study materials for future references, and in clear English

Interactive and strongly linked to papers that are going to be written by the participants themselves

This workshop was practical oriented. And I got so important constructive comments for my own abstract that improved it a lot.

Participants in ‘Writing a research article in the sciences’
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium