The Cofactor story

The idea for Cofactor arose out of the experience of our founder, Anna Sharman. In her years in the lab as a biologist, as a journal editor and as a freelance editor Anna saw the disconnect between what researchers submitted to journals and what the journals wanted. She saw how journals are cutting costs and offering less copyediting and proofreading of research papers after they are accepted, relying instead on authors to get their papers checked.

She saw how quickly the world of scientific publishing is changing and how difficult researchers find it to keep up with new developments. She learnt about open access, new forms of peer review, new ways of processing and presenting research results, and new standards for publication. Finding this new world exciting, Anna wanted to help researchers navigate their way through the publication process.

And Anna wanted to help researchers. She had been a PhD student and postdoc herself, struggling to publish enough to get the next job, so she knows the pressures researchers are under. After fifteen years working for publishers she decided to change her focus to helping scientists. So she gathered a team of highly qualified freelance editors around her and launched Cofactor.

Now Cofactor has been established for two years and has over 50 freelance editors. Our workshops have taken place in over 15 universities and institutes in the UK and Europe. Many scientists have benefited from Cofactor’s expert editing and advice, and many more will in the future.

Why the name ‘Cofactor’?

In biochemistry, a cofactor is a small molecule or even an atom that helps an enzyme to do its job.

Cofactor is here to help you do your job as a scientist.