Who we help

We help scientists at all levels from PhD students to professors, wherever you are in the world. We also help institute researcher development staff and publishers.

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Need to get published fast?

Are you in a hurry to get your results published quickly before a deadline, for example for a grant application or before a key person moves on? We can advise you on which journals review and publish the fastest (see the free journal selector tool and relevant blog posts or ask for personalised advice).

Our expert editing will also make it easier and therefore quicker for journal editors and peer reviewers to assess your paper, and will ensure that speed doesn’t come at the expense of accuracy.

Too busy to publish?

Your job is to find out new and exciting things, not to worry about the requirements of particular journal editors.

Cofactor can help you to focus on discovering by taking the tedious part of writing papers off your hands.

You make sure all the information is there, and we will edit the paper to get it how journals want it.

Want to reach many readers?

Making your paper open access is the best way to reach not only other researchers (including those whose institutions don’t subscribe to many journals) but also other important groups of potential readers:

Students and teachers who could learn from the original data

Companies who could build on your work

Politicians who could use your results to guide policy

Patients who could study their condition using your research

Content miners who could use your data to create something amazing

Sharers who could spread your work far and wide