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Cofactor is coming out as an LGBTQ-friendly and environmentally friendly company

3rd Jul 2019

Today I’m announcing a change in Cofactor’s ways of working. From now on, Cofactor is proud to be both an LGBTQ-friendly and environmentally friendly company. This means we will do our very best, even more than we do already, to accept everyone and to reduce our negative impact on the environment. I’m very excited about this and think it will make our training more effective. Many companies are trying to market themselves like this nowadays, and sometimes it can look like ‘greenwashing’... Read more

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Cofactor is now a training company!

23rd Apr 2018

Today I'm announcing the biggest change that Cofactor has undergone since we launched just over 4 years ago. Until now our main services have been scientific editing and training. From now on, our main service will be training, and we won't be offering editing as a standalone service. Why? Because the training has taken off massively - more than I could ever have expected. I am now giving up to seven workshops a month, and my schedule is getting rather full. Juggling editing with training isn't... Read more

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A slight change in direction

4th Sep 2017

It's Anna here! How was your summer? For me, summer is a time with no workshop bookings, so I've had some time to step back, think about where Cofactor is going and make some future plans. And one plan I've made is to make better use of social media and the Cofactor website. If you're sharp-eyed, you may notice some changes to the website already, and these will continue as I tweak the site to best reflect what Cofactor is offering and how it is presented. Part of the point of this is to show... Read more

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