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News release: the Cofactor Journal Selector Tool

10th Nov 2014

The recently launched editing and consultancy company Cofactor has released a free, online tool to help scientists choose the most appropriate journal for their paper. The Cofactor Journal Selector Tool is available at The Cofactor Journal Selector Tool asks 20 questions on topics such as subject area, peer review type, open access status, publication charges and speed of review. It then narrows down the list of suitable journals according to the... Read more

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Introducing the Cofactor Journal Selector Tool

10th Nov 2014

The Cofactor Journal Selector Tool can help you find the best journal for your paper. When you are choosing a journal for your paper, what is your strategy? Do you ‘climb down the impact factor ladder’, trying journal after journal in decreasing order of selectiveness until one accepts the paper? Do you go straight to a specialist journal in your field? Do you go straight to an open access megajournal you know will accept the paper as long as the science is sound – never mind how... Read more

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July highlights from the world of scientific publishing

4th Aug 2014

A brief summary this month: difficulties that Chinese authors have with journals, dealing with coauthor conflicts, how to write badly, what difference peer review makes, and debates in the mainstream media on peer review Survey of Chinese authors Editing company Edanz (@JournalAdvisor) published a survey of Chinese scientific authors and the difficulties they face in getting published. It found that they needed an average of about 200 working hours to prepare a research paper, compared with only... Read more

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