The really dangerous formatting errors

15th Feb 2012

No journal editor expects submitted papers to be perfectly formatted. But there are different types of error that cause different problems. Common formatting errors that are easy to spot and easy to fix, like double spaces at the end of sentences Things that aren't really errors, which will be ignored when the paper is typeset, such as spacing between paragraphs 'Errors' that are really matters of house style, such as italicisation of the 'p' in 'p-value' Things that are hard to spot and that... Read more

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Choosing a journal V: impact factor

8th Feb 2012

This the fifth post in my series on choosing a journal, following posts on getting your paper published quickly, getting it noticed, practicalities, and peer review procedure. It is all very well getting your paper seen by lots of people, but will that lead to an increase in your reputation? Will it lead to that all-important grant, promotion or university rating? The impact factor of a journal is a measure of the average number of citations of papers published over the previous two years in the... Read more

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Journal news 28 January to 3 February

3rd Feb 2012

Your journal-related news for the week. F1000Research Faculty of 1000 (F1000), the well established post-publication peer review service, has announced a new service that will publish original research papers. According to the initial announcement, this will differ from traditional journals in that all papers will be published immediately, before peer review (as long as they pass a 'sanity check'), and peer review will happen openly after that. Publication of datasets will also be encouraged. Fees... Read more

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