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19th Jan 2012

A brief summary of recent news related to journals and scientific publishing. Journal of Errology A new venture came to my notice this week that aims to provide "an experimental online research repository that enables sharing and discussions on those unpublished futile hypothesis, errors, iterations, negative results, false starts and other original stumbles that are part of a larger successful research in biological sciences." It is not clear whether the Journal of Errology will succeed, but it... Read more

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Choosing a journal II: getting your paper noticed

18th Jan 2012

This is the second in a series of posts on factors to consider when choosing which journal to submit your paper to. Here, I will look at how your choice of journal can affect the extent to which your work is noticed. Part one of the series, on getting your paper published quickly, is here. How well known is the journal? It goes without saying that papers in very well known journals like Nature, Science, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA and Cell will be seen by more people than those in other journals. The... Read more

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Choosing a journal I: getting your paper published quickly

11th Jan 2012

So, you've got a great result from your experiments or data analysis and are starting to write it up as a paper. Now is the time to think about which journal to submit your paper to. How do you decide? In this series of posts I will discuss various factors worth considering. In this first post, I will look at differences between journals that can have a big effect on how long it is before your paper is finally published. Speed of peer review and publication Many journals publish, on their website,... Read more

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