Cofactor consultants are experts in new developments in scientific publishing.
You don’t have the time to keep up with these developments – but we do, and we find it fascinating!

So we can help you decide the best strategy for publishing the research that your lab or institute produces.

We offer

  • face to face consultations
  • advice by email, phone, Skype or social media
  • ongoing or one-off consultations
  • writing cover letters
  • revising responses to reviews

Advice on a paper

Has your paper been rejected and you don’t know what to do next?
Are you unsure which journal is best for your interdisciplinary work?
Would you like help in addressing reviewer comments?
Contact us to discuss how best we can help you.

General advice

Would you like to discuss your lab or institute’s publishing strategy with experts in scientific publishing?

Contact us for in-depth, tailored advice on:

  • how to get the biggest readership for your papers
  • how to get your papers published as quickly as possible
  • the different kinds of peer review


  • how best to negotiate the peer review process
  • new publishing venues to consider trying
  • how to promote your work and your papers on social media
  • how to divide up your research into papers most effectively

We can also give workshops in your institute to improve your researchers’ skills and knowledge in getting published.