Terms and conditions

General terms for all Cofactor editorial services

  1. We will treat as confidential all material you provide, including correspondence. Any editor or administrative assistant with whom we share your material has previously signed a confidentiality agreement.
  2. The edits and suggestions we make are purely advisory. No action should be taken solely on the basis of the information given.
  3. We make no guarantee of acceptance of the manuscript in any journal, or that any journal will behave in any particular way regarding your manuscript as a result of our editing of it or our consultancy about it.
  4. We make no guarantee that a grant application will be funded as a result of our editing of it or our consultancy about it.
  5. All material provided by you remains your exclusive property and copyright.
  6. You agree that we can use your material for training and performance monitoring of editors who have signed a confidentiality agreement. We will not use your material for any other purposes than these, except if requested by you.
  7. If you ask us to edit or check your material, you agree that we can mention your name and affiliation as being a client of Cofactor in our marketing material (unless you request otherwise).
  8. Before starting any work for you, we require EITHER full payment of the fee OR a purchase order for the work unless you are an existing Cofactor customer (see the Pricing page).


  1. Manuscripts should be provided in doc, docx or rtf format, or as a LaTeX zip file (including all additional files necessary to compile the pdf). Pdf format is not acceptable as it does not allow full editing.
  2. We will provide an edited version of your manuscript prepared using track changes and comments in Microsoft Word or as an edited tex file with a diff file showing the changes.
  3. The fee for editing will be determined by the number of words in the document, rounded up to the nearest 100 words.
  4. The number of words shall be taken to include all of the main text, figure legends, table text and legends, and all supplementary material text. It will not include references.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse to edit any document if (after a quick check) we feel that further work by the author is essential before editing will be useful. Examples of when this might be the case is when significant information is missing or when the language is not comprehensible to us. We will not charge if this happens.