All research papers need checking carefully – yes, even yours! You could ask a colleague to help, but they might take a few weeks to look at the paper, and they won’t be trained to spot errors like our editors are.

A well edited paper will take a journal editor or peer reviewer less time to assess and may be more likely to be accepted. We can generally provide you with an edited version within a week or so. Using Cofactor’s editing will therefore speed up publication of your paper.

Our expert editors can spot possible improvements to your paper that you won’t have considered. So we can improve your paper even if you are a good writer. And we are expert in improving writing by non-native English speakers too.

Editing by Cofactor is not intended to replace peer review. Rather, we aim to flag up potential problems that might confuse or annoy peer reviewers, journal editors and readers.

We provide an edited version of your manuscript using track changes and comments. If you wish, we can also provide a report summarising our main recommendations and suggesting suitable journals for the paper (for an extra fee).

Editing includes checking and correcting where possible for:


  • nothing crucial has been missed out
  • figures and tables are clear and consistent
  • all cited references are listed in the reference list and vice versa
  • the target journal’s style is followed if relevant
  • all abbreviations and technical terms are defined


  • the text is clear and unambiguous
  • the grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct
  • the writing style fits the intended audience
  • there is no potentially offensive or inappropriate language


  • the claims made appear to be supported by the evidence provided
  • statistical tests are included where they appear to be necessary
  • applicable standards are adhered to (such as CONSORT for randomised controlled trials)
  • conventions such as capitalisation of gene and protein names are adhered to

We don’t just edit research papers! We can also help with:

  • grant applications
  • abstracts
  • cover letters
  • responses to reviews
  • reports

Cofactor has a network of over 50 highly experienced freelance editors, most of whom have a PhD. As well as having their own scientific and editorial expertise, editors are trained by Cofactor to understand what journals want in a research paper. All edits are checked by a senior editor to ensure high standards and consistency.

Subjects we cover:

  • Biology (whole organism and molecular)
  • Medicine (experimental and clinical)
  • Geology and environmental sciences
  • Physics and chemistry
  • Applied mathematics and statistics
  • Other STEM subjects (ask us first)

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Contact us now, giving as much information as possible about your paper and how quickly you need the editing done.