We offer workshops on various topics related to scientific publishing. These are currently presented by Anna Sharman. Workshops can be tailored to your needs – from 3 hours to 3 days, with varying numbers of participants and types of exercise.

Workshops often include individual feedback on abstracts written by participants, either beforehand or during the workshop. Anna is an expert at quickly spotting how abstracts can be improved and giving constructive, supportive comments to help authors improve them.

Participants love these workshops – see some testimonials here.

Would you like to attend a Cofactor workshop? Suggest one to your university’s researcher development training coordinator or contact us. We don’t currently run any open workshops, but we might in the future, so let us know if you’d be interested.

Getting published in journals Getting published in journals

These workshops cover:

  • why publish your research?
  • the peer review process
  • dealing with a journal’s decision
  • the title and abstract
  • which criteria to use when choosing a journal
  • the problems with the impact factor
  • open access (why and how)
  • ways to get your paper out quickly

Publicising your researchPublicising your research

These workshops cover:

  • why you can’t just publish and forget your paper
  • which social networks are most useful for researchers
  • how Twitter can help you as a researcher
  • choosing a journal that will help promote your paper
  • what to do when your paper first comes out

Scientific writingScientific writing

These workshops cover:

  • how to structure a research paper
  • how to get yourself organised to write a paper
  • processes, tools and software to help you write
  • which elements of writing style really matter and which don’t
  • how to make your writing clearer and more concise