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Virtual coffee rooms using proximity chat

17th Mar 2021

Are you sick of Zoom?  Yes, it's great for some things, invaluable even. All Cofactor courses currently use Zoom, and it has made it possible for us to connect with participants and enable them to discuss and work together. But you may, like me, have experienced this frustrating feeling: you see a friend on a Zoom call and you really want to talk to them without everyone else hearing. But the only way to reach them is in a private message, and sometimes not even that. If this was an in-person... Read more

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Cofactor online courses are a hit!

10th Jun 2020

Well, it's been an... interesting few months. I hope you are keeping well and have been coping with the lockdown, wherever you are. For me personally, this has been a period of getting to know my local nature and reading up about Covid-19, and the past couple of weeks have also involved a lot of learning about racism. Going online But for Cofactor this period has mainly been about converting our courses to online ones. So why not try our online courses? I have been meaning to develop online... Read more

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A swift flying above

Cofactor is coming out as an LGBTQ-friendly and environmentally friendly company

3rd Jul 2019

Today I’m announcing a change in Cofactor’s ways of working. From now on, Cofactor is proud to be both an LGBTQ-friendly and environmentally friendly company. This means we will do our very best, even more than we do already, to accept everyone and to reduce our negative impact on the environment. I’m very excited about this and think it will make our training more effective. Many companies are trying to market themselves like this nowadays, and sometimes it can look like ‘greenwashing’... Read more

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