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3rd Mar 2015

We are delighted to announce that Cofactor is now providing most of the copyediting for the journal GigaScience. If you run a journal or are part of an institute producing a lot of papers, could you benefit from our well trained freelance editors and efficient procedures too?

What is GigaScience?

GigaScience is an open access journal that publishes ‘big data’ studies in the life and biomedical sciences. Papers in the journal are all linked to a database that hosts all associated data (linked with doi numbers) and provides data analysis tools, which can enable more interactive papers. Fields covered include genomics, bioinformatics, imaging, neuroscience, ecology, cohort data, systems biology and more. The journal requires that all supporting data and source code be publically available. It is co-published by BioMed Central and the Chinese genomics organisation BGI. The journal is expanding rapidly as it gets better known, so their requirement for editing is going to increase accordingly.

How is Cofactor helping GigaScience?

We offer a single point of contact for arranging the copyediting of accepted papers in the journal. Instead of having to find multiple freelance editors, the journal staff simply send us each paper and we find the most suitable freelance editor who is available to copyedit it. Anna checks all the editing to ensure quality and consistency, and an admin assistant sends and receives papers when Anna is unavailable. We also recruit and train new editors in the house style and procedures and deal with paying each editor, so the journal only has to pay one invoice each month. An online tracking system ensures that all articles are processed promptly. Our team of over 30 freelance editors cover the whole of biology and medicine and some areas of the physical sciences, computer science, engineering and other fields.

The editors of GigaScience are happy with the Cofactor’s work so far. Nicole Nogoy, GigaScience Commissioning Editor, says

Having worked with Anna since 2008 when she provided copy editing services to Genome Medicine, it’s great to be working with her again and Cofactor for GigaScience. I have always been impressed with the quality of editing and professionalism she has delivered.

How can we help your journal?

Now that Cofactor has so many freelance editors on our books and now all the systems needed for handling editing jobs are in place, we can offer the same excellent service that we offer GigaScience to any journal. If you currently spend a lot of time looking for suitable and available freelance editors, or if your in-house or academic editors do all the copyediting themselves and are struggling with it, why not hand over the whole thing to Cofactor? You won’t need to recruit or train freelancers, remember who is on holiday or deal with badly edited articles any more. We can take on all the organisation and ensure consistent high quality. And as you can see from our work for GigaScience, we can handle very technical material.

Editing for institutes and other organisations

It’s not only journals who can benefit from Cofactor’s editing services. We already regularly edit manuscripts for individual researchers (including via agencies) before they are submitted to journals. If you are part of a large scientific institute or department, why not suggest to your head of department that they could ask Cofactor to help with any manuscripts that need checking before submission? We are especially experienced at putting the English right when it is written by non-native speakers, and we know what journals want from papers so can advise on how to give each paper its best chance of rapid publication. We can also advise on publication strategies and give training on how to write and publish a paper.

Call for freelance editors

We now have enough freelance editors for GigaScience’s needs for the near future, but we are always interested in hearing from trained and experienced copyeditors so that we can meet the future requirements of this journal and others. If you can prove that you are a good copyeditor in a scientific subject (for instance with SfEP Professional Membership, completed PTC courses or BELS certification) and have experience of editing research papers, please contact us. Editors who also have a PhD  and/or can edit biomedical material in LaTeX would be especially welcome to get in touch.


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