Chemical Science

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General information ?

  • Published by: Royal Society of Chemistry
  • ISSN: 2041-6539
  • Last checked date: 03/2020
  • Scope: Basic chemical research. Articles must appeal to the general chemical science community.
  • Additional free text: It is possible to choose between single blind or double blind peer review.
  • Website
  • Instructions for authors


  • Main subject area: Chemistry
  • Breadth of subject area: Top level subject
  • Peer review?

  • Peer review type: Conventional
  • Peer review openness: Closed, single blind
  • Selectivity: Selective (IF ~8-15)
  • Open access?

  • Free to read option: Paper can be free for anyone to read
  • Allows green OA: Not applicable as gold
  • Has waivers: Yes
  • Has membership system: Personal membership
  • Access type: Full gold
  • Licence: Other non-CC, non-copyright-transfer licence
  • Level of APC: Cheap (up to $200)
  • Speed?

  • Speed to first decision: Unknown
  • Speed from acceptance to publication: Unknown
  • Other?

  • Ownership of publisher: Society
  • Length restrictions: Encouraged but not insisted on
  • Provides altmetrics: Altmetric
  • CrossMark implemented: Yes
  • Has a 2015 impact factor: Yes
  • Copyedits: Yes