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General information ?

  • Published by: Cureus
  • ISSN: 2168-8184
  • Last checked date: 02/2020
  • Scope: Medicine (not dentistry)
  • Additional free text: Articles must be submitted using the journal's authoring system. "The article is unlocked for editing when the required minimum number (2) of anonymous reviews have been submitted. The author may now choose to: Make revisions while awaiting additional reviews (all article versions are saved and available to both author and reviewers). Make revisions and request that the article is re-reviewed. Make revisions and request editorial approval to publish, while also providing explanatory comments regarding all review-based revisions." Includes a post-publication rating system, the Scholarly Impact Quotient™ (SIQ™): "During this post-publication peer-review rating process, users are asked to judge the relative merits of the article on a scale of 1-10 (1 = poor and 10 = excellent) in the following areas: clarity of background and rationale, clinical importance, study design and methods, data analysis, novelty of conclusions and quality of presentation." "Cureus strives to publish articles within five to seven days of submission."
  • Website
  • Instructions for authors


  • Main subject area: Medicine
  • Breadth of subject area: All of medicine
  • Peer review?

  • Peer review type: Conventional
  • Peer review openness: Closed, single blind
  • Selectivity: Megajournal
  • Open access?

  • Free to read option: Paper can be free for anyone to read
  • Allows green OA: Not applicable as gold
  • Has waivers: Yes
  • Has membership system: None
  • Access type: Full gold
  • Licence: All papers are CC BY
  • Level of APC: Zero
  • Speed?

  • Speed to first decision: Unknown
  • Speed from acceptance to publication: Unknown
  • Other?

  • Ownership of publisher: Company
  • Length restrictions: None
  • Provides altmetrics: Uses own system
  • CrossMark implemented: No
  • Has a 2015 impact factor: No
  • Copyedits: No