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General information ?

  • Published by: Ubiquity Press
  • ISSN: 2056-6700
  • Last checked date: 02/2020
  • Scope: Classics, modern languages and cultures, philosophy, theology and history, to political theory, sociology, anthropology, film and new media studies, and digital humanities.
  • Additional free text: The Open Library of Humanities journal is no longer accepting general submissions. Please only use this page to submit if you are submitting an article to an open call for one of our Special Collections; general submissions will not be considered at this time.
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  • Instructions for authors


  • Main subject area: Arts/humanities/social sciences
  • Breadth of subject area: Humanities
  • Peer review?

  • Peer review type: Conventional
  • Peer review openness: Closed, double blind
  • Selectivity: Megajournal
  • Open access?

  • Free to read option: Paper can be free for anyone to read
  • Allows green OA: Not applicable as gold
  • Has waivers: Yes
  • Has membership system: None
  • Access type: Full gold
  • Licence: Choice of CC BY or CC BY-NC or CC BY-NC-ND
  • Level of APC: Zero
  • Speed?

  • Speed to first decision: Unknown
  • Speed from acceptance to publication: Unknown
  • Other?

  • Ownership of publisher: Owned by academics or an academic institution
  • Length restrictions: Encouraged but not insisted on
  • Provides altmetrics: None
  • CrossMark implemented: Unknown
  • Has a 2015 impact factor: No
  • Copyedits: No