Acceptance to publication time

13th Jun 2012

Journals vary a lot in how long they take to publish accepted papers. Publication speed is one factor that many authors take into account when choosing a journal. The time from submission to publication in a peer reviewed journal can be split into three phases: The time from submission from the first decision The time needed for the authors to revise The time from acceptance to publication The second of these cannot generally be controlled by the journal, because different papers need different... Read more

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Why do journals insist that data ‘are’?

31st May 2012

Given the controversy over this grammatical point, I argue that journal style guides should allow both 'data is' and 'data are'. I was recently directed (via @blefurgy and @deb_lavoy on Twitter) to an old blog post on something that frequently bugs me: the question of whether the word 'data' is singular or plural. The post, by Norman Gray, an astronomical data management researcher at Glasgow University, UK, dates from 2005 but I haven't seen a better one on the topic. Gray argues that: ...the... Read more

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Tips on scientific writing from European Science Editors

21st May 2012

The European Association of Science Editors guidelines for scientific writing are a great resource. I have recently joined the European Association of Science Editors (EASE). They have a valuable document on their website: EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to be Published in English (pdf; published June 2011). These guidelines are full of useful tips for those who write or edit scientific articles in English or translate them into English. They will be especially... Read more

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