Same blog, new home

14th Jul 2014

This blog has a new home! The sharmanedit blog has been hosted at for several years. Now that I (Anna) have set up Cofactor, it makes sense to incorporate the blog into the Cofactor website. All the old posts are now here, and new posts will appear here. Links to posts at the old Wordpress site will soon redirect to the corresponding post here. What has changed? Only that the style of the posts fits with that of the rest of the website. I hope you continue to enjoy the posts... Read more

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June highlights from the world of scientific publishing

2nd Jul 2014

The launch of Cofactor and what I learnt from Twitter in June: an unusual journal, a very large journal, a new journal and a very slow journal, plus accusations of publisher censorship and more. The biggest highlight of the month for me was (of course) the launch Cofactor, my company that aims to help researchers publish their work more effectively. The launch event in London was a great success - over 50 people from science and publishing came to hear about the company and from four speakers... Read more

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Launching a new venture with a debate on peer review

11th Jun 2014

The big day has arrived: this evening about 60 people will gather in Kings Cross, London, to launch my new company, Cofactor. Hopefully lots more will follow along online using the hashtag #PeerRevFactors, because this will not just be a launch, it will also be an evening of short talks and discussion about peer review. The theme is 'What difference will changes in peer review make to authors and journals?' and we have four great speakers: Giulia De Rossi, a PhD student who has published in several... Read more

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