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Journal news for February

1st Mar 2012

News related to scientific journal publishing since 4 February. Elsevier withdraws support for the Research Works Act Since I covered this infamous draft US law and the associated boycott of Elsevier by academics (here and in news here) the flood of blog posts on the topic has continued, and I won't attempt to summarise them here. But the pressure seems to have had an effect: on 27 February Elsevier announced that it is no longer supporting the act, although they 'continue to oppose government mandates... Read more

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The Research Works Act, open access and publisher boycotts

31st Jan 2012

The open access movement has been around for decades, gradually building up, but this month there seems to have been an acceleration in the pace of change. I will try in this post to summarise the current situation as I see it. The initial driver of this recent change was theResearch Works Act (RWA), a draft law proposed in the US that would prohibit federal bodies from mandating that taxpayer-funded research be made freely accessible online (as the NIH currently does). The two Representatives who... Read more

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Journal News

19th Jan 2012

A brief summary of recent news related to journals and scientific publishing. Journal of Errology A new venture came to my notice this week that aims to provide "an experimental online research repository that enables sharing and discussions on those unpublished futile hypothesis, errors, iterations, negative results, false starts and other original stumbles that are part of a larger successful research in biological sciences." It is not clear whether the Journal of Errology will succeed, but it... Read more

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