The Cofactor Summary

Do you want an expert to take a look at your paper but don’t have the time or the budget for a full edit? Try a Cofactor Summary.

One of our consultants will check it over quickly (in 1-2 hours) looking for the most important common problems. You get a one-page report containing:

  • a short synopsis of the paper, aimed at a journal editor
  • the top three changes we recommend before submission to a journal
  • a rating of how ready the paper is for submission

The rating uses a traffic light system:


It is fine to submit the paper to a journal; we suggest some minor non-essential changes


We would advise careful checking of the article before submission, including addition of information


We do not recommend submission to any journal without considerable additional work

The Cofactor Summary does not aim to replace peer review but rather complements it.

A green rating indicates that:


  • the claims made seem on a first read to be supported by the data
  • relevant guidelines appear to have been followed
  • mentions of previous work are clearly referenced


  • terminology is used consistently
  • the title and abstract are a fair reflection of the main text
  • sufficient background information seems to have been provided
  • the results appear to have been discussed sufficiently
  • important statements such as author contributions, data availability, ethics, consent etc are included


  • the overall quality of the written English is sufficient for journal submission
  • the figures are understandable
  • there is no obvious ambiguity

From this relatively quick check we cannot guarantee to identify every potential problem. However, the procedures we have developed and the expertise and experience of our consultants mean that you can be confident in your rating and the recommendations we make. Of course it is up to you whether you follow them!

See the relevant pages for pricing and terms and conditions.

Benefits to you

If your Cofactor Summary gives your paper a green rating, you can be more confident in submitting it to a journal. Journal editors and peer reviewers will need less time to check it and it may have a better chance of being published.

If your paper gets an amber rating, you will get three top tips for improving it at a very reasonable cost. The Cofactor Summary provides more specific feedback than is often provided by journals, giving you the opportunity to focus on the most crucial changes that will make the most difference.

If your paper gets a red rating you will get a similar opportunity to revise in a more focused manner. The Cofactor Summary will save you from rejection by a series of journals and enable you to rethink and get your paper into shape.

After an amber or red Cofactor Summary rating we will be happy to offer a discount on a full edit of your paper to help solve the problems we have identified.