Terms and conditions


Pricing of workshops and consultancy is negotiated individually with each client. For workshops or consultancy in person travel and accommodation expenses will be added to the fee unless in London. Fees do not generally include printing or transport of handouts.

Fees are quoted exclusive of VAT, so this is added when required. Payment is in pounds sterling (GBP) or euros (EUR).

Terms and conditions for Cofactor workshops

  1. Provision of a workshop includes designing and planning of the workshop, writing and designing handouts and delivery of the workshop in person.
  2. If we are unable to provide the workshop due to unavoidable circumstances such as illness or transport cancellations, we will inform you as early as possible. In the first instance we will suggest rescheduling the workshop to another date.
  3. If you cancel the workshop more than 60 days beforehand no fee is payable. If you change the date more than 30 days beforehand, the fee remains as originally agreed. Cancellation less than 60 days beforehand will incur a fee on a sliding scale that reflects the likelihood of replacing the workshop with a booking for another client:
    • 60-30 days: 10% of the originally agreed fee
    • 30-7 days: 50%
    • Less than 7 days: 100%.
  4. We will treat all course participants and staff with whom we come into contact in a polite, professional and courteous manner. We ask for the same from you.
  5. We endeavour to teach in an inclusive way, treating all participants with respect regardless of ethnic origin, gender, disability or other irrelevant factor.
  6. We will leave training rooms in good order after each workshop.
  7. We will provide handouts electronically in good time before each workshop for printing.
  8. We will follow your evaluation procedure by giving out your evaluation forms or encouraging participants to complete an online form, as appropriate. We may also invite participants to fill in a Cofactor form if they wish, which includes brief evaluation, permission to quote their comments, and permission to receive emails from us.
  9. We will not collect personal information about workshop participants without their consent. Cofactor is registered under the Data Protection Act.
  10. Any material that participants provide to you as part of the training will be kept confidential and will only be shared with staff or contractors who have signed a confidentiality agreement. If you require it, we will destroy all copies of such material after the workshop. All material you provide remains copyright of the copyright holder.
  11. We ask for you to provide all information necessary for us to provide the workshop in good time.
  12. You will provide a training room equipped with a data projector, tables and chairs and appropriate refreshments and preferably a computer with PowerPoint installed. Alternatively we can provide a laptop.
  13. You will process our invoice in a timely manner and pay it within 30 days.