Writing and publishing training

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The writing and publishing guidance researchers need

Publishing a journal paper is hard, but it is essential for both a researcher’s and an institution’s success. Cofactor training is designed to deliver the key competencies required for successful publishing.

We have put our 25 years of experience into the content of Cofactor courses. They include insider insights from a former journal editor who knows scientific journals from many angles – as an author, peer reviewer, editor, copyeditor and consultant.

Our four-part course ‘Writing and publishing a scientific paper’ is the foundation for Cofactor training. There are many customisation options, including for different subject areas, or with the focus on either writing or publishing.

Courses that inform, inspire and include

Our courses inform

They provide a wealth of up-to-date, reliable tips on how to write well and how to get published in a journal

Our courses inspire

We are passionate about open science, about the value of sharing all research widely and rapidly, and about writing clearly rather than in an overly academic style

Our courses include

We aim to make our courses accessible and welcoming to everyone, enabling each person to learn and contribute:


  • However bad your internet connection is
  • Whatever disabilities you may have
  • Whatever your cultural background
  • Whatever your gender and sexuality
  • Whatever caring or other responsibilities you may have
  • However shy or talkative you are

Many ways to learn

We can deliver our key course content in a range of ways, both online and in person (when possible).

From bespoke courses designed for you to off-the-shelf e-learning packages, we have options to fit every training budget. Whether you run the central researcher development centre of a large university or are a small department, our courses can be fitted to your needs.

Trainer-led, online

Our most popular format is a 5-week course with 5 live video sessions of 1.5 hours each, supported by videos and other materials on Moodle

Trainer-led, in person

When possible, we can offer 1-day and 2-day workshops on your campus

Asynchronous, online

You can provide our excellent training materials to your researchers and let them work through them in their own time

Design your own

Our online courses are modular, so you can pick the modules you want covered and the pattern of live video sessions that suit you

Cofactor training is for

Researchers at all stages of their careers, focusing especially on PhD students and early career researchers.

Researchers in science, technology, engineering, medicine and social sciences.

The courses have been designed by a former biologist with long experience working with biological and medical journals, and have been refined with help from experts in physical sciences, engineering, computer sciences and social sciences.

Our trainers have expertise in a wide range of subjects.

Interactive, engaging, accessible

Our online courses have 10-20 minute video presentations, with edited captions for accessibility.

Handouts provide all the text that is in the presentations and a lot more.

A wide variety of exercises help participants to grasp the material.

Live video sessions encourage them to discuss the material, ask questions and build on what they have learned.

Our trainers make sure everyone has a chance to get involved and engaged.

Using the technology that helps

Our online courses use a variety of platforms and software to support learning.

Course materials are hosted on Cofactor’s Moodle site, together with opportunities for feedback. We use Zoom for live video sessions, and the breakout rooms to have small group discussions. We use Padlet for sharing the results of exercises, such as research that participants do on journals of interest to them. For more informal interaction at the end of course sessions we provide virtual coffee rooms using Spatial Chat or Gather.

Individual writing support

You can offer Cofactor’s editorial expertise to your students to help them improve their own writing.

We can add personalised feedback on draft abstracts and other pieces of academic writing to course participants. We have expert editors in a range of fields who are skilled at giving constructive, encouraging feedback to help novice academic writers to develop their writing skills. We can also include this in consultancy for research groups and individuals.

The course… was full of useful, realistic information and was delivered in a very direct way.

This course was delivered very differently from others that I’ve been on. Most courses provided very vague, intuitive tips that sound sensible but provide a very limited idea of the publishing process. The course… was full of useful, realistic information and was delivered in a very direct way. It felt as if they were getting to the real ‘meat’ of the process. It was also very refreshing to be reminded why we do science in the first place – for passion and the good of the public – in the midst of an obsession with impact factors.

Mireya Cristina Vazquez-Prada Ansald,  University of Kent, UK. Attended an online course