Publishing and writing training –  consultancy services

Has your paper been rejected and you don’t know what to do next?

Are you unsure which journal is best for you to publish in?

Would you like help in addressing reviewer comments?

Would you like to discuss your group’s overall publishing strategy?

Are you unsure which new developments in scientific publishing would be useful to you?

Do you need help getting the motivation to draft and finish a paper?

Cofactor can help. Read below to find out how we can help you.

Cofactor consultancy can help

We can provide advice and coaching to help you get your papers written and published.

Our advice stems from Anna Sharman’s long experience with scientific publishing. We also bring in associate editors and trainers to provide expertise on particular subject areas.

Publishing and writing consultancy for

Individual researchers

From PhD students and early career postdocs, to experienced postdocs and group leaders, we can help researchers at every level.

Research groups

We can facilitate discussions in your group and help you make decisions about getting papers written and published.

Ongoing or one-off sessions

We can advise by email, phone, Zoom, Teams or proximity chat (Gather or Spatial Chat), just once or over a period of time.

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Writing feedback

We provide feedback on writing samples (such as draft abstracts) as part of our publishing training courses and consultancy. This uses our extensive experience with editing scientific papers.

We no longer provide editorial services separately from training or consultancy.