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SpotOn London session: The journal is dead, long live the journal

31st Oct 2012

I'm co-hosting a workshop at SpotOn London next week on the future of journals. It's time to end a long blogging hiatus to tell you about an exciting event coming up on Sunday 11 and Monday 12 November. SpotOn London (formerly called Science Online London) is a community event hosted by Nature Publishing Group for the discussion of how science is carried out and communicated online. There will be workshops on three broad topic areas – science communication and outreach, online tools and digital... Read more

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Acceptance to publication time

13th Jun 2012

Journals vary a lot in how long they take to publish accepted papers. Publication speed is one factor that many authors take into account when choosing a journal. The time from submission to publication in a peer reviewed journal can be split into three phases: The time from submission from the first decision The time needed for the authors to revise The time from acceptance to publication The second of these cannot generally be controlled by the journal, because different papers need different... Read more

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Choosing a journal I: getting your paper published quickly

11th Jan 2012

So, you've got a great result from your experiments or data analysis and are starting to write it up as a paper. Now is the time to think about which journal to submit your paper to. How do you decide? In this series of posts I will discuss various factors worth considering. In this first post, I will look at differences between journals that can have a big effect on how long it is before your paper is finally published. Speed of peer review and publication Many journals publish, on their website,... Read more

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