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Crowdsourcing information about journals

24th Jul 2012

Crowdsourced surveys of the experience of authors with journals are useful, but I have found only a few. For now, I propose a simpler survey of information gleaned from journal websites. I was recently alerted by @melchivers (via @thesiswhisperer) to the existence of a blog by SUNY philosopher Andrew Cullison (@andycullison) that includes a set of journal surveys for the field. As Cullison explains in an overview post, the surveys consist of Google Docs spreadsheets, one for each journal, and a... Read more

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Journals that charge authors (and not for open access publication)

8th Mar 2012

Among the discussion of open access recently, there have been a few comments about the level of charges for open access publication. But of course many journals charge authors even without making their articles freely available. I think these charges are worth highlighting so that you can make an informed choice of journal. Frequently these charges are to cover the cost of colour printing, which seems reasonable given that nowadays printed journal articles are a bonus not standard. But not all:... Read more

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Choosing a journal III: practicalities

5th Jan 2012

In this series I am looking at various aspects of choosing a journal: so far I have covered getting your paper published quickly and getting it noticed. In this third post I look at a few practical issues that might affect your choice of journal. Do they copyedit? If your paper is read by lots of people, any errors in it will be noticed and will reflect badly on you. Most journals use copyeditors (freelance or employed) to edit papers after they are accepted. They ensure that papers are clearly and... Read more

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