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Use the options below to find journals that match your requirements. The journals included in the tool are listed at the bottom of the page. Change the options for any of the questions and click Search. The journals list will update to give only the journals that fit your criteria. Click on a journal name for more information about it.

The Journal Selector tool information page has details on the available options and abbreviations.


What broad subject area does your paper fit into?

How broad a subject spread should your journal have?

Peer review

What kind of peer review should the journal use?

How open would you like the peer review to be?

How selective would you like the journal to be?

Open access

Would you like the option for your paper to be free to read?

Would you like a journal that allows archiving of the peer reviewed author manuscript in a repository?

Is it important to you that the APC can be waived if the author can prove an inability to pay?

Is it important to you that the journal has a membership system for payment of APCs?

Do you want a fully gold open access journal or a hybrid journal?

Which licence would you like to be available to you for your paper?

What is the maximum you want to pay as an APC?


How quickly would you like the first decision to be made after peer review?

How quickly would you like the paper to be published after it is accepted?


Would you like the publisher to be a company, a nonprofit/charity, an academic society or an academic institution?

How important is it to you to be able to have your paper as long as you want?

Do you want a journal that provides metrics about the paper after publication?

Is it important you that the journal implements CrossMark?

Is it important to you that the journal has an impact factor?

Do you want the journal to copyedit your paper after acceptance?

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Journals that fit your criteria:

If the default options are checked above, the list below shows all the journals that are currently included in the Cofactor Journal Selector database. If no journals are shown, this means no journals in the database fit your selection - please change the options checked and try again.